My Photo Mosaic of 2015

Happy New Year Folks!

To celebrate the New Year I have created a wall photo mosaic from 100 of my favourite photographs, which were taken mostly in the year 2015. This is how it looks on our living room wall:


Looks great, doesn't it? We love it in the family! We just lie down on the sofa and wander our eyes on the sweet memories. The photos are mostly taken at the places we loved to go in 2015, and the subject in the majority of the pictures (in 48 out of 100) is - naturally - Beni, my son, having fun :). 

There are many pictures of our trips to the nature, to all the zoos around us (Dubai Zoo, Al Ain Zoo, Abu Dhabi Zoo) and the lovely Posh Paws Animal Farm - seen below.

I put in the mosaic some pictures of our trips at Al Qudra Lakes, which is one of our favourite spots in Dubai. Such a peaceful and serene place. 


So would you like to create a mosaic like this?

If you have not yet attempted to make a photo mosaic to your wall, I can open-heartedly advise you to try. It looks fabulous, it has very positive vibrations - and it's really easy to make! I give you some tips, if you want to try.

Tip 1 - Selecting the right pictures 

First, select the pictures you want to display. Choose the ones, which you enjoy looking at the most. Which make you smile, warm your heart, or which you are just proud of for whatever reason. Also consider the viewing distance - so pictures with easily recognizable, large subjects placed against a clean background work the best. Pictures with a dominant colour or a distinctive pattern work also great as part of the mosaic. 

I just love this picture for showing the bond between mother and child

Example of a picture with a dominant colour:

Shot at Children's City, Dubai

Example of a picture with a distinctive pattern (also good example for dominant colour):

Example of a picture with a well separated subject, which is easily recognizable from a large viewing distance:

Tip 2 - Sticking the mosaic on the wall the easy way

When you have your chosen pictures printed (I printed 15 cm x 10 cm photos), it's time to tape them together and stick them to the wall. For easier handling it's a good idea to divide the mosaic into quarters, and tape the photos together on the back side in groups of 25. After taping them together, it's time to attach some removable adhesive - like Glue Dots or double-sided tape - on the back side of each photograph. The adhesive should be placed on the outer edge of the outer photos and in the center of the rest. When done, start sticking the mosaic on the wall, going downwards from the top, row by row. That's about it. 

I hope you liked the idea of this photo mosaic and found my tips somewhat useful.

If you wish to check out more of my favorite photographs of 2015, you can do that at my Google Plus account, where I regularly post my pictures.

As for 2016, I wish you all a happy and creative year!

Love always,